Waking up in 1984
What if you woke up tomorrow and were shocked to find that you were now living in an occupied republic? There was a war that took place while you were sleeping and your side had lost. You no longer have your former rights or liberties. You live in a captive nation and are now “Dhimmi,” a second class citizen. Your beliefs and aspirations are no longer welcomed or tolerated.  You are being surveilled constantly and your every step is being scrutinized.The rules and regulations of your new government are no longer favorable to your worldview. If you try to exercise what you consider to be your God given rights, you will either be summarily dismissed, bullied, taunted, fined and/or jailed.You find yourself being continually criticized in your efforts and what is left of your property is under constant threat.  Your children are being indoctrinated in educational centers and every day they grow further and further apart from you. They think you strange, quarrelsome and question your leadership. Is any of this sounding familiar yet?In Warfare winners take all
In war, when one tribe, country, state or nation wins the conflict their adversaries now have to live by a new set of rules. In these battles there are no rewards for second place only less liberties and privileges.  A new ideology and moral code are now in place and what was once wrong in your world is now right in theirs, your de-valuated opinion notwithstanding.

If you are on the losing end of the battle you find yourself isolated and with less and less freedoms. Your liberties and choices are now severely limited.

Waking Up
The other day a conservative/Christian friend sent me an email stating “as a grandfather I find this infuriating.”  He was referring to the new law by the State of NY which to date is the “worst state-level expansion of abortion ever seen.”     This new and in-your-face euthanasia law gives total license for a medical professional in that state to end the life of a human being as long as the execution occurs at least 24 hours before the young human’s anticipated birth date.

But of course it is not just the state of New York. In America we exterminate roughly one-third of our children who are conceived.  Those who are fortunate enough to survive this holocaust are soon placed in government-run indoctrination centers that teach these innocent souls the four basics of secular humanism.

While in these centers (we call them “public schools”) children are taught that life has no meaning. You evolved from a cosmic accident and have no real purpose in life. Next, through multiculturalism and diversity, you are taught that morals are “relative.”  Then, of course, you learn that man, not God is the measure of all things.  All you need to succeed in life is a good education, which of course the public schools are providing.

Finally, these adolescents are taught that the STATE is their daddy. If you lack something, need something, all of life’s needs are to be supplied by the government.  What about your birth mother and father? Your schools understand and although these guardians do mean well, they regrettably, do not understand or meet the state standards as custodians.

In many cases, children are regularly taken from their native born homes before they ever get to the learning centers. Sadly many of these innocent offspring end up in homes with drug abusers, pedophiles and/or other “adults” that are confused about their sexuality and well . . .

Speaking of children and sexuality
In today’s Bizarro sexually confused world, there is a good chance that a well intended individual, let’s say a teacher or social worker, notices your tomboy daughter and overhears her complaining. It seems that her abusive parents have actually forced her to wear of all things … a dress, the shame of it all.

Well, the next thing you know your tomboy has just become a candidate for manhood and should be allowed to make that decision herself, after, of course, being taken from their parents to be indoctrinated in the new way of the world. A world that this abused child could now be more in line with her, er I guess that is “his,” “its,” “their,” (whatever) true sexual orientation, with the help of drugs and therapy of course.

The List goes on
In today’s America, the victors and purveyors of human righteousness have not stopped at just abortion and child abuse.  If you live in the USA you live in a country with a 50% divorce rate with many of our contemporary youth simply deciding to live together with no intention of ever getting married. Then of course there is “gay marriage,” which I guess doesn’t really matter because today’s ‘enlightened’ generation don’t plan on having children anyway.

Wait a minute, what? 
OK, this can’t be reality, it just can’t. Maybe it’s a bad dream so you go to the kitchen, grab your coffee and today’s paper and open it up and what do you see?  “California Wants to Teach Kindergartners there are 15 Genders,” “Illegal Arrested for Raping, Impregnating Child in California,” “House Democrats to Strike ‘So Help Me God’ from Oath.”

In a panic you grab your laptop, hit the on button and the headlines that appear?  “Socialism Caused The Paris And Venezuela Riots – next stop America,” “Iranian Ayatollah: ‘until we turn the White House into a Shiite Islamic center, we’ll all shout: Death to America!”

Reality check
So what America did you wake up in today? I remember Barack Obama saying, “American is no longer a Christian nation.” Them’s Fightin’ Words fellah!  I was infuriated; of course America is a Christian nation!  What was this idiot talking about?

Then I was reminded of a TV interview, I think it was around 2009 when James Dobson spoke about, “A war fought and lost.”   Dr. Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, seemed to be indicating that American Christians were in a most discouraging period. He was talking about the culture war in America – a long conflict that “Humanly speaking, we can say that we (Christians) have lost all of those battles.”

Then almost in defense, Dr. Dobson quickly said “but God is in control, and we’re not going to give up right now.” His hope was that the pendulum would swing back to righteousness. I remember thinking at the time, “geez Dobson, you should know better, we ain’t lost no stinking war!”  I’m now thinking that Dr. Dobson was on to something, maybe more than he even knew.

While we are on the subject of moral pendulums, I would note that yes the pendulum will swing to and fro, but as history records of late, the point of suspension has been moving steadily to the left.  How do we take gay marriage back and of course a woman’s right to kill a baby, it’s her body, right?

Back to the Future
Here is the question for Christian Americans, are you occupying or being occupied? Is America, as the founders so intended, still the “home of the brave” that won the Revolutionary War, World War I and II, the moral beacon to the rest of the world?  Is this still the land of the free, a Christian nation as you say, or is this country now officially an occupied nation?

And if you are an occupied nation should you, will you respond accordingly?  What is it that we, as believers, would do differently if we were to recognize that Christian America is indeed an occupied nation, that we are, in reality, the second class citizens we seem to be?

How do we once again create an environment where Christian ideals, leaders and values once again dominate the marketplace of ideas? That is the real question and I don’t think we can possibly answer that query until we acknowledge the obvious. For starters, we do not own the podium or even have a seat at the table, brothers and sisters.  We are indentured servants at best, worthy only of the table crumbs.

So how did we get to this point?  Personally, I believe our current dilemma started with the breakdown of the family in content, structure and practice.  It started with men abdicating their role in the family, leaving it to the state,  business, news media, entertainment industry, government and of course, the “church” to do the parenting and educating. “Just get me my favorite adult beverage and what time does that game start today, honey?”

As the leaders in charge of the foundational unit of all society, we fathers must wake up now, face our responsibilities and start by leading the household.  As goes the family so goes the church, government, and the nation. That is where it all has to begin if we are to ever to reclaim America and in turn “occupy until He comes.”


James Harrison is a husband, father, former business owner, and author of the soon to be published book “Romans II” which draws eerie parallels to the former Roman Empire and what is happening in America today.  James is director of the Natural Family Foundation and can be reached at JR@NaturalFamilyStrong.com or by phone at 614-918-8228.