An article written by Jim Harrison, founder of Natural Family Foundation

As we look around at America today we can see a lot of critical issues that need to be addressed, the church notwithstanding.  We have a Constitution but it is being all but ignored.  Our financial structure is a mess and we have a tax system that enslaves its citizens.

Morally, we really have to scratch our heads. It seems that with the introduction of the pill, many saw fit to claim what they considered to be their long, lost sexual freedom. “Make love not war and if it feels good do it” became their war cry.  However, this I’m ok, you’re ok sexual freedom mentality has led to many unintended and negative results.

For example, no fault divorce and sexual freedom might exonerate incompetent parents but it certainly lays an undue burden upon children. Then there is nontraditional marriage; If one can marry the same sex, then why not a pet or a life sized sex doll -just as long as it supposedly doesn’t harm anyone in the short run.

Given this new found moral freedom and diversity we are now seeing the total destruction of not just our moral foundation but our culture,  border and language as well, headed up by a Middle East push for Sharia Law.  Did I mention the damage done by abortion, pornography, drug, child and spousal abuse?

With monetary incentives in hand, child protective services can now take unsuspecting children out of their natural parental environment and place them in today’s sanctioned family, a modern day institution that looks like cross word puzzle pieces at best. In today’s secularized modern family we find single parents, multiple parents, unnatural stepparents, wife swapping, and we are even confusing our children as to their sexual orientation.

So where does all of this end or better yet, how does it end? Let’s start with some critical facts:

First of all, history, sociologist and our prison system all attest to the far-reaching importance of the FAMILY.  If you want to destroy a civilization hamstring, cripple and ultimately dismantle the family.  Take an honest look at the Roman Empire, Grecian and other former nations and what you will see is first the demise of the family and then in turn, the end of that nation.

If you want modern day proof of these facts, visit a local prison and inquire about an inmate’s past family life.  Sociologists confirm all of this.  In other words, if you don’t have the family, and we are talking about the original family as nature’s God designed and supports, what is it you have then?  Look at the Communist manifesto and what are they trying to destroy, yep, the family because they recognized what we already know, it takes out the family, the foundation of every sound nation.

FAMILIES are the glue that holds all cultures together – the cornerstone if you will.

NATIONS that ignore the importance of families or alter their natural structure, form and purpose are doomed to destruction.

ROME (and many other former empires) altered and corrupted the natural family and as a direct result, no longer exist. Lastly and most importantly,

THE USA is headed the way of Rome and very close to repeating its fate.

We realize because of over a half century of unopposed attacks on the home-front very few of today’s families remain that fall into that “natural category”. That is why we are encouraging Americans to once again embrace and aspire to the concept of the natural family. Get the husbands back in the leadership role, stop encouraging sexual experimentation of all kinds. If we value life, should we not value the natural marriage and hold monogamy in great esteem?

It has been said that “where there is no vision the people perish”.  As we approach our individual and corporate pursuits,  we at the Natural Family Foundation would encourage all of our fellow laborers to approach their tasks with one thing in mind, a vision if you would. That vision?  How will what I am doing affect the natural family? Will it improve and encourage nature’s design for the household or will it act as a negative or in a destructive manner?  Let’s keep our inheritance in mind and if we take care of the family it will in turn serve as a cornerstone not just to America but to all mankind in general.

In the spirit of solidarity it is our hope at the Natural Family Foundation that other organizations, individuals and groups, will see the benefits of operating under the umbrella and vision of the natural family.  “As goes the family so goes business, so goes our news and entertainment industry, so goes our government,  so goes our educational system, so goes America and yes, so goes our church”.

History you see, IS the story of families, and the stronger the family, the greater the history. Amen?