Note About Articles

Information is key to knowledge, knowledge will open eyes to see what we often do not notice.  There is hardly a person who doesn’t think there are overwhelming numbers of problems in our world today.  The problems seem too many and it may seem best to ignore them.  We at Natural Family Foundation (NFF) believe the family is our hope and strength to over come many problems.

The folk who have joined with us at Natural Family Foundation know there are things we can do.  We have a diverse group of friends who have expertise in various areas who will be writing and sharing their information and ideas of what we can do to help restore families. Some of the things are alarming, some obvious some seem impossible, but with knowledge we can do more.

There are many who agree the family is the foundation on which good and strong societies are built.  Please keep checking with this website as we add more.  Maybe you will find something you can use. We also invite you share an article you have read or one you have written or want to write.