Mission / Values / Vision

 "Since the 1940's the American family has been on the fast track to destruction.  We have come to the point in our nation where today's families are literally anything goes and as  a direct result the future of the natural family and our nation are in a constant state of peril"

- James Harrison, Director | Natural Family Foundation 

- MISSION: To return the Natural Family to its rightful place as the Foundation of our American culture 

-  VALUES: When we speak of family we consider that to be without question one biological born man and woman in a lifelong, committed, monogamous relationship with their biological and/or adopted children.  Anything outside of these NATURAL parameters by design causes undue stress on the marriage, children and society. 

-  VISION:  We envision the family restored to its natural form and functioning once again as the primary building block of a stable, thriving society. We look forward to a future where divorce and premarital sex are uncommon, and children seen as a blessing, not a burden. We consider the home to be the ideal nursery for a healthy sense of morality and a deep respect for legitimate authority. The subversion of the authority of parents and the privacy of the home by various governmental agencies and other non-family institutions must end.

Natural families are strong families and strong families make strong communities, churches, businesses, as well as the other significant institutes within a society.  As goes the family . . . so goes the nation. 

We take a T.E.A.M. approach to our mission:

Teach – Reclaim the definition of family and proclaim it to all who have ears to hear.
Evaluate - Did your audience understand - test them to make sure.
Activate – Encourage a deep appreciation and understanding for this critical foundation of all societies.
Motivate - Faith without works is dead. How can others be inspired to join in this most critical mission?  What can they now do to spread the word or work on completing our mission to re-establish the natural family as the foundation of this great nation?  

Can we count on you to help in our efforts to restore the "Natural" Family?


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