The NFF Plan

What would happen if there were no such thing as family?  No father, mother, brothers or sisters, grandparents, aunts or uncles - just happy-go-lucky humans eating, mating and sleeping with no affiliation, no worries...the ultimate in restraint-free common bond or sacrifice required one with another. Where would the human species be today if that were the case?


Maybe the better question is: would there be a human species or would mankind have gone the way of the dodo bird, saber-toothed tiger or woolly mammoth without the family institution? Given that the family is so critical to the survival of all mankind, why are so many Americans intent on corrupting its purpose, structure and content, seemingly hell-bent on destroying the idea of the family itself?

Here at the Natural Family Foundation, we realize that we exist in a politically and emotionally charged environment where "public opinion makes tomorrow's laws, and those laws become the next generation's morals." We are trying to tip the scales of public opinion to once again support and defend the Natural Family. Our laws should protect and encourage the growth of that family unit. Today's laws do just the opposite, which means our nation's very foundation is being threatened.

The family is being corrupted, and our goal at the Natural Family Foundation is to not just stop, but turn this process around. We recognize the need to change public opinion, making it more favorable to the family versus destroying it through emotional blackmail. Every day we see yet another law or crusade, that whether intended or not, chips away at the foundation of the family institution.    

To accomplish our Natural Family goal, the first thing that needs to be done is to expose the critical importance of the family and note that the problems we are experiencing in the USA are due in large part to the fact that we have allowed our original foundation, the family, to be attacked on all fronts. 

Secondly, we need to make these facts important to as many Americans as we can. History records it, modern day sociologists advise us and our prison systems attest to the power of the natural family and what happens when it is dismantled.  We will become a lawless society because we have tampered with the structure, form and practice of the family unit. What happened in Rome and Greece and other former great civilizations will surely be visited upon our great nation if we do not do something, and soon, to protect this cornerstone of all society.   

This is one of the reasons we have posted our Natural Family Promise to our website. We explain the natural family composition and why it is important. The next step is to get a noticeable assemblage of commonsense Americans to commit that they believe in and/or are willing to defend this time honored institution.

These approval numbers will help as we start to defend the Natural Family movement. That means at the local, state and federal levels we need to have Defend the Natural Family laws/acts or ordinances initiated. Can you imagine how powerful several million Americans agreeing with our pledge could help in this project?  With public opinion, numbers are king.

It all starts with a pledge as our suggested first step, which is nothing more than an acknowledgement of the critical importance of the family. Will you help us to reach our pledge goal? After agreeing with the pledge, if you want to take it to the next level, leave your contact information as well. We will keep you updated on our efforts and connect you with others in your area you might be able to work with. We also encourage you to email me personally at if you have a project or idea that you think might be helpful to our cause.  

This is a grassroots level can only start with you! Won't you help us preserve and defend the family?  And remember "as goes the family . . . so goes the nation".  Thank you in advance. 

James Harrison
National Director |  Natural Family Foundation