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 Item #4           THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW

            Executive Order - Ronald Reagan For Government officials at all levels.

 What would happen if your city, township/parish/county/ would declare something like Ronald Reagans executive order as  an official  ordinance? What if your state made it an amendment to their constitution?  What if the Federal government made it a law instead of an executive order?

How would that affect the way things are working these days?  Don't know , then why not ask?

Ronald Reagan Executive Order 12606 --  The Family


September 2, 1987

"By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, and in order to ensure that the autonomy and rights of the * natural family are considered in the formulation and implementation of policies by Executive departments and agencies, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Family Policymaking Criteria. In formulating and implementing policies and regulations that may have significant impact on family formation, maintenance, and general well-being, Executive departments and agencies shall, to the extent permitted by law, assess such measures in light of the following questions:

(a) Does this action by government strengthen or erode the stability of the family and, particularly, the marital commitment?

(b) Does this action strengthen or erode the authority and rights of parents in the education, nurture, and supervision of their children

(c) Does this action help the family perform its functions, or does it substitute governmental activity for the function?

(d) Does this action by government increase or decrease family earnings? Do the proposed benefits of this action justify the impact on the family budget?

(e) Can this activity be carried out by a lower level of government or by the family itself?

(f) What message, intended or otherwise, does this program send to the public concerning the status of the family?

(g) What message does it send to young people concerning the relationship between their behavior, their personal responsibility, and the norms of our society?

 Sec. 2. Governmentwide Family Policy Coordination and Review.


(a) Executive departments and agencies shall identify proposed regulatory and statutory provisions that may have significant potential negative impact on the family well-being and provide adequate rationale on why such proposal(s) should be submitted. The head of the department or agency, shall certify in writing that, to the extent permitted by law, such measure has been assessed in light of the criteria in Section 1 of this Order and how such measures will enhance family well-being. Such certification shall be transmitted to the Office of Management and Budget. Departments and agencies shall give careful consideration to family-related concerns and their impact in notices of proposed rulemaking and messages transmitting legislative proposals to the Congress.

(b) The Office of Management and Budget shall, to the extent permitted by law, take action to ensure that the policies of the Executive departments and agencies are applied in light of the criteria set forth in Section 1 of this Order.

(c) The Office of Policy Development shall assess existing and proposed policies and regulations that impact family well-being in light of the criteria established by Section 1 of this Order, provide evaluations on those measures that have significant potential impact on the family to the Office of Management and Budget, and advise the President on policy and regulatory actions that may be taken to strengthen the institutions of marriage and family in America.

Sec. 3. Report. The Office of Policy Development shall submit preliminary reports including specific recommendations to the Domestic Policy Council and shall submit a final report to the President no later than 180 days from the date of this Order. Each year thereafter, a report, including recommendations shall be submitted, through the Domestic Policy Council to the President.

Sec. 4. Judicial Review. This Order is intended to improve the internal management of the Executive branch and is not intended to create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law by a party against the United States, its agencies, its officers, or any person."


Ronald Reagan

The White House,

September 2, 1987.


[The executive order was released by the Office of the Press Secretary on September 3 and filed with the Office of the Federal Register, 11:56 a.m., September 8, 1987]



* When we speak of family it is important that we recognize the proven best practice acknowledged by experts and confirmed by history - that being the Natural Family = "one biological born man, one biological born woman in a lifelong committed relationship with their children, biological or adopted" - Although President Reagan did not specify so in his executive order in 1987 and  given the current climate in America, it has become necessary to clarify that it is the best proven practice we are talking about which is the Natural Family. Anything outside of this "natural"  institution will fall short as it would be impossible for that entity to be supported by    "the laws of nature and nature's God".


2.A   Natural Family Proclamation for Public Servants

Much like Ronald Reagan's Executive order, here is a recommendation ( you can adjust to your local public servants ) for a  Proclamation to put in the hands of your current public servants who are in office and/or as well as aspiring servants during election times.  We can tell you that it will open your eyes to all of them. 


Natural Family Proclamation

Whereas the Natural Family has long been recognized as an institution that consists of two married individuals of the opposite biological sex and their biological and/or adopted children;

 Whereas for centuries the Natural Family has been the mainstay and foundation of Western and other civil societies;

 Whereas in recent decades this uniquely designed institution has been maligned and denigrated and there have even been attempts to redefine it;

and Whereas it is vital to the health of the State of Florida to support, celebrate, promulgate, and honor this sacred institution; now be it

     Resolved that ______________________________________

Urges its  Citizens to acknowledge and to celebrate

Natural Family Month from Mother's Day May 12, 2024 through Father's

Day June 16th, 2024;

Urges our citizens to participate in family-oriented events during this special month long time period;  Urges our various churches and religious groups, businesses, and organizations to make a special effort to promote and to honor the Natural Family this summer;Urges our communities  to consider holding or supporting a Natural Family festival or other activities celebrating the natural family during this month to include but not exclusively: Weekly celebrations starting on Mother’s Day celebrating mothers during this first week, followed by a children’s week celebration, then grandparent week, then extended family week and ending on Father’s Day week on father’s day

  If you are not sure how to ask for the ordinance/declaration , then try this:



                  Public Speaking on behalf of the Natural Family (example )




Good evening . . . . . . . .  *council, township, parish,state, county, nation etc 

 Everyone’s story in this room, this *city, and this world begins . .  in the family . . . and that is regardless of your political affiliation, race, color or creed . Whoever you are and wherever you are, your story, your life's history began in the family home But sadly not all families are created equal

For instance, if you were to ask a prison inmate about their family life you will inevitably hear the story of a broken home, a dysfunctional family life. You would likely find a single parent family with the father missing in most cases or an abusive family life with one or both parents serving as bad examples.  Something has happened to disturb the natural order and content in those families.

So when it comes to the family institution is there a best practice if you will, something we should all aspire to?  A proven practice?

Until the past few decades, when we spoke of the family, we imagined it to be "one biologically born man and one woman in a lifelong, committed, monogamous relationship with their children", which has served mankind well since the beginning of time.

Yet we are moving further and further from that foundation which is curious as I believe any objective sociologist, psychologist, anthropologist or even historian would tell you . . , this solid tradition of the Natural  family has historically provided the best model for a stable society - Our prison systems serving as exhibit A to what happens when we alter it.

As a matter of fact if you look back in history and look carefully, I believe you will find that when nations ignored, altered or veered from this traditional family institution their demise was inevitable. Like the ole Chiffon margarine commercial warned, it's not nice to fool Mother Nature. Right?

Sadly over the past several decades there has been a war on this historical family foundation. We now somehow think that it is ok to alter the Natural Family's form, structure and proper place in society. We no longer require a mother and father, which every child has an inherent need for. Divorce is evident in a good half of all marriages if couples even bother to get married in the first place. The state has in more and more cases become the Daddy in America replacing the parents at the head of the table. How can children learn respect for authority when they are confused as to who their real daddy is ?   Not good!

They say the first casualty of war is the truth and with that in mind I would like to ask this *council to consider making an official proclamation that would promote a month long celebration of this centuries old tradition of the Natural Family. An official directive of whatever means appropriate in which the *City of _________ formally acknowledges this age-old family institution’s proper place in today’s America as well as the *city of _________.

 This celebration might rightfully start on Mother’s day in May then ending on Father’s day in June. My hope is that by this official recognition we would start our way back to a normal  family life  expectancy.

If you plant a family seed and nurture it properly it will grow, multiply and become a fertile pasture and then a forest. My hope is that the *city of __________ will indeed think green when it comes to the family and start by planting the first Natural Family Tradition seed starting this coming May.

*Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter

Always be sure to follow up and don't hesitate to have family, friends and neighbors do likewise.



Item #5 on Actions list 


                              Sheriff Proclamation/Order



  Date_________    ________      ________

From:  Sheriff __________________________ 

To:  All ________ County Sheriff’s Office Staff and All _________ County Residents


Subject:  COVID Vaccine and Mask Mandates


While I strive to steer clear of politics, as Sheriff of _________ County, the time has come to reiterate my values and duties to the community I was elected to serve and protect.

Americans have recently witnessed unprecedented overreach by the federal, state, and local governments which are systematically trampling our rights in the name of controlling a pandemic. We have watched elected officials and others divide our country over the mandating of the COVID vaccine and wearing of masks. We have witnessed this division turn to hate and discontent between members of the community we love.

I am not pro-vaccine nor anti-vaccine. I am not pro-mask nor anti-mask. We are free people who live under the beacon of freedom and liberty on earth, with God-given rights memorialized in our Constitution. Similarly, our Declaration of Independence expresses these same ideas. I see nothing in our founding documents that forces us to relinquish our liberty for any reason, under any circumstances. America’s founders sought to inspire unity and provide a better vision of life. Their writings and words brilliantly declared their intention that the states and localities govern and police themselves – unencumbered by federal overreach or overreach at any level.

In the America and state that I swore to protect and defend, citizens are free to make their own health and medical decisions without threat of penalty. As such, and in keeping with the oath that I swore on ________ , I will defend the Constitution of the State of Ohio, and the Constitution of the United States.


There will be no COVID vaccine nor mask requirement/mandate for _________ County Sheriff’s Office staff. Furthermore, I and my staff pledge to protect the rights of every ______ County citizen, regardless of whether they choose to be vaccinated and/or masked or not. I and my staff pledge to ensure unfettered access to all ________ County businesses and government buildings for ALL ________ County citizens who choose to remain unvaccinated and/or unmasked, in keeping with our citizens’ rights as guaranteed under both state and federal constitutions.

I challenge my fellow elected officials to remember what we were elected to do. We are public servants, privileged to serve ALL constituents – not just those who choose the path we prefer. We were not elected to dictate or mandate. We were elected to ensure our constituents can never be forced to betray their consciences or relinquish their freedoms.




It is important let our public servants know what is important...

This petition is for the White House, between LifeSite and the Ruth Institute, it urges President Trump and the Commission to make life, marriage and the family guiding principles in U.S. foreign policy.  Protect the Natural Family... 


This link will take you to the petition






"We are developing local groups here in Ohio at the zip code level and around the nation in an effort to assure that all citizens maintain their healthcare rights when it comes to being forced to wear a medical device or getting a medical treatment. Our liberties and freedoms are at risk here and just allowing politicians to claim an emergency won't get it. Their fear based appeals had better have darn good explanation AND verifiable facts! If you would like to help, please respond by calling 614-918-8228 ask for JR or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We will connect you with like minded patriots and share what we have been doing".



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