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Home Improvement Honor Roll and Action Videos

As goes the home, so goes the family! The Natural Family Foundation's goal is to certify entire families or individual family members all across this nation as Natural Family Defenders. We are pleased to recognize those "doers" who are not hearers only but have taken on our certification program. We would love to share with you some of the work being done all across this nation on behalf of the Natural Family. Members who are pursuing Bronze, Silver or Gold certification as Defenders of the Natural Family are invited to produce videos* showcasing actions taken.

*Note: Videos are optional and are not representative of all actions that members are completing. To share action videos, produce via YouTube or VIMEO and include a link to it in your "Submit Action Item" form.
  • In this Engage website section, on the Go For It! page, use the "Submit Action Item" button to tell us of activities you have completed toward Bronze, Silver or Gold certification.
  • Once a certification badge is earned, your first name and initial of your last name, as well as your state, along with the corresponding badge will be shown on this page. 
  • Once a badge appears by your name, you may email us to receive an electronic certificate. A Natural Family Foundation window cling is also available if you provide your mailing address. (Email and postal addresses are always kept confidential.)
We encourage you to mention The Natural Family Foundation and share our website when you tell your family and friends about the worthwhile activities you are pursuing and have completed.

Honor Roll:

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Jim H | OH

" SILVER ACTIONS: Contacts political representatives on an ongoing basis, moderates weekly conference calls, writes articles for Wisconsin Christian News monthly newspaper. GOLD ACTIONS: Host weekly 2-hour Last Call podcast with the 2nd hour dedicated as Family Hour; Founder and National Director of the Natural Family Foundation (NFF); attends City Council meetings and speaks out on behalf of NFF principles and goals. "

Kevin A | OH

" SILVER ACTIONS: Manages multiple Facebook groups that relate to the Natural Family Foundation (NFF) goals; videotape live events and post on various websites that relate to NFF goals; part of community watch group monitoring LGBTQ+ efforts to expand their presence and influence. GOLD ACTIONS: Conceptualized, produces and co-hosts weekly 2-hour Last Call podcast with the 2nd hour dedicated as Family Hour; design, implement and administer the supportive structure for the Engage section of the NFF website. "

Pam M | MN

" SILVER ACTIONS: Administers the Engage section of the Natural Family Foundation (NFF) website. Administers the NFF Facebook group. Made presentations about my book "NEW DIGS...Abandoning the Bog of Bitterness" (e-book available) to various small groups. GOLD ACTIONS: Conceptualized and led the effort to produce the Engage section of the NFF website. Authored a book on forgiveness that was published and later earned a Silver award; relates to NFF goals in that families are often broken and need assistance in how to heal. "