Natural Family Month Resolution / Proclamation

flower in hands

   Whereas the Natural Family has long been recognized as an institution that consists of two married individuals of the opposite biological sex and their biological and/or adopted children; Whereas for centuries the natural family has been the mainstay and foundation of Western and other civil societies; Whereas in recent decades this uniquely designed institution has been maligned and denigrated and there have even been attempts to redefine it; and Whereas it is vital to the health of this community to support,

celebrate, promulgate, and honor this sacred institution; now be it

     Resolved that (insert city, twp, parish, county, state, nation, ...)

  1. Urges the community to acknowledge and to celebrate

Natural Family Month from Mother's Day (insert date) through Father's

Day (insert date);

  1. Urges our citizens to participate in family-oriented

events during this special month long time period;

  1.  Urges the various churches and religious groups,

businesses, and organizations in (insert city, county...) to make a

special effort to promote and to honor the Natural Family this summer;

  1. Urges communities in this county to consider holding or

supporting a Natural Family festival or other activities celebrating the

natural family during this month to include but not exclusively:

Weekly celebrations starting on Mother’s Day celebrating mothers during this first week, followed by a children’s week celebration, then grandparent week, then  extended family week and ending on Father’s Day week on father’s day.